eNet Advertising Terms & Conditions

1. eNetAdvertising® is not responsible for any content or images on a client's site. The content on our client's websites represents their opinions but not our own. Temporary place holder images can be removed by request, as long as the images and their URL locations are properly identified. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they do not submit copyright protected content. Once the client gives approval to launch a website they are responsible for any copyright infringements they have made.

2. Our Monthly fee includes all SEO upkeep and 1 hour of maintenance per Quarter unless otherwise agreed. Maintenance is paid Quarterly, and a 15% discount is received if the bill is prepaid before the Quarter begins. Initial billing shows the discounted price. After the Quarter begins you will be billed again, without the 15% discount.

3. Additional work will be billed at the rate of $55 per hour.